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How To Avoid ‘Sticker Shock’ When Requesting A Price For A GPS Model

Ever get ‘sticker shock’ when requesting a price for a ‘GPS Model’? Below we explain why getting a ‘Ballpark Price’ for a GPS Model during the bid phase is important. GPS models are becoming a ‘must-have’ in the construction industry. GPS models were once considered a luxury and are now considered a vital aspect of any project a contractor considers pursuing. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unspoken rules and standards in our industry when it comes to GPS models that are critical to requesting a GPS model and guaranteeing a smooth process along the way. Saying that, here’s one of those ways to approach requesting a GPS model that will not only help with sticker shock but help make the transition from
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3 Questions You ‘SHOULD’ Ask The Civil Engineer Before Having A GPS Model Built.

First, make sure the plans and CAD match! This is considered one of our top issues when we receive plans and CAD files from the contractor. Instead of getting the plans and CAD files that match and being able to start the modeling process immediately, we end up in a back and forth scenario with the contractor which can turn what was supposed to get us started within a few days of receiving the files into a 2-4 day back and forth until we actually have the correct Plans and CAD. At that point, we can begin the modeling process and get things going but has pushed the due date out then originally estimated. Not at fault to the contractor but the contractors don’t
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4 Benefits of GPS Machine Control Modeling

GPS machine control modeling has been on construction sites for more than two decades now. In that time we’ve seen a lot of things change on-site and in the office. But one thing has remained constant. When given the opportunity, the benefits of a jobsite with GPS control modeling, outweigh a site without such measures. Grading a site today is a critical element in preparing land for development. Grading by itself is an expensive part of any development project. But it’s also a necessary pain for the long term gain. Why do you need a GPS Machine Control Model? The beauty of having a GPS model is it allows everyone to be working off of the same data from those out in the field,
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