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How To Avoid ‘Sticker Shock’ When Requesting A Price For A GPS Model

Ever get ‘sticker shock’ when requesting a price for a ‘GPS Model’? Below we explain why getting a ‘Ballpark Price’ for a GPS Model during the bid phase is important.

GPS models are becoming a ‘must-have’ in the construction industry. GPS models were once considered a luxury and are now considered a vital aspect of any project a contractor considers pursuing. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unspoken rules and standards in our industry when it comes to GPS models that are critical to requesting a GPS model and guaranteeing a smooth process along the way.

Saying that, here’s one of those ways to approach requesting a GPS model that will not only help with sticker shock but help make the transition from bidding a project to requesting a GPS model once awarded the project.

Here’s a common scenario. A contractor bids on and is awarded a project. The contractor then requests a GPS model proposal from DirtLogic. DirtLogic provides a proposal (price) to the contractor. The contractor is shocked by the price and either hesitates or shops the price elsewhere.

What the contractor doesn’t realize is that the price is generally quite fair and is what GPS models generally cost. Considering GPS models are finally becoming a critical service, pricing is still fairly new to the industry and contractors are still getting used to what models are worth.

With that said, how does requesting a ‘Ballpark Price’ help with this situation? By requesting a “Ballpark Price” for a GPS model it allows the contractor a general idea of what the model will cost. As well, you can plug that price into your bid as a budget number. Once you are awarded the project you have peace of mind that you have the money to request a GPS model without the sticker shock. To make things easier, DirtLogic is already familiar with the project which helps with a smooth transition from ‘Pre-Bid’ to requesting the model from DirtLogic.

To further break it down… When you decide to bid on a project most contractors will come to DirtLogic to request an ‘Earthwork Takeoff‘ to help with their bid. Since we already have the plans and CAD files for the ‘Earthwork Takeoff’, DirtLogic can easily put together a Ballpark Price for a model. You not only get your quantities for the bid but a GPS model price to plug into the bid as well. The same goes for contractors who only use DirtLogic for GPS modeling and not Earthwork Takeoffs. Send DirtLogic the plans and CAD files (if CAD is available during pre-bid) and we’ll get you a ‘BallPark Price’ for a GPS model to plug into your bid. We guarantee this simple request will help alleviate any sticker shock and give you peace of mind knowing you’ll have the money budgeted when it comes time to request a GPS model from DirtLogic.

Did you know we offer Earthwork Take-Offs as well?

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