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Earthwork Take-Offs

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DirtLogic’s Take-off services allow for grading accuracy within about a hundredth of an inch. It is the process of turning a 2-D grading plan into a 3-D earthwork take-off used by contractors to submit project bids. The take-off compares the existing topography with the proposed design/sub-grade to provide precise cut and fill calculations. This means that a contractor looking at a raw piece of land will be able to know, almost to the cubic yard, how much dirt will need to be moved away or added, for construction to begin.

What You Get

You will receive the following reports which can be utilized in negotiating bids, verifying cost estimates, and settling engineering issues:

Benefits of Using DirtLogic

Reduce investment in expensive computer systems that require additional overhead to operate and maintain.
Precise earthwork quantities supported by our sophisticated system of checks and balances religiously followed on each job.
1-3 day turnaround. We are always available to help you with your next project.
Quickly and easily prevent and solve earthwork quantity disputes by utilizing DirtLogic as a neutral third party.
Effortlessly make changes and adjustments to your take-off.
Take-offs can be integrated with GPS layout systems to make field operations more precise.
DirtLogic’s technicians deal with earthwork take-offs all day, every day. This allows them to know what questions to ask to obtain the necessary information in a professional and timely manner. They also deal with multiple CAD formats which further increases their effectiveness.

Sample Take-Offs

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