Alternates Disclaimer: DirtLogic DirtStore Take-offs only apply to the base bid. Any alternates that are shown on the plans we consider outside of a base bid take-off and will require an additional cost to include the alternates in the scope of work. It is important to inform DirtLogic you would like alternates included in the scope of work at the time of requesting a price quote and DirtLogic will include it in the price.

Over-Excavation Disclaimer: DirtLogic DirtStore Take-offs only apply to the base bid. Any over-excavation which is outside the base bid is considered an extra cost. Please let DirtLogic know that you would like to include ‘Over-Ex’ in the scope of work so we can price the take-off accordingly.

Addendum Disclaimer: Please note that the takeoffs are only current to the date that they are posted on our site and may not reflect any/all Addendum changes that were issued as we are not responsible for these changes and can’t as a company absorb those costs. As per our Company Policy All addendum changes posted after the day we run these takeoffs are in addition to our offered takeoff and need to be purchased separately through us, but as with any job you order, we need sufficient time to process your request along with any direction you can offer to keep costs down for your company as well as ours.

Quantity / Sectional Depth Disclaimer: The quantities and sectional depths found within the reports are carefully researched and recorded. Sectional depths that we are unable to locate within the plans and specs are then assumed based on industry standards.  This report is sold ‘as is and any additional revisions above and beyond can be negotiated at an additional cost.