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3 Questions You ‘SHOULD’ Ask The Civil Engineer Before Having A GPS Model Built.

First, make sure the plans and CAD match!

This is considered one of our top issues when we receive plans and CAD files from the contractor. Instead of getting the plans and CAD files that match and being able to start the modeling process immediately, we end up in a back and forth scenario with the contractor which can turn what was supposed to get us started within a few days of receiving the files into a 2-4 day back and forth until we actually have the correct Plans and CAD. At that point, we can begin the modeling process and get things going but has pushed the due date out then originally estimated.

Not at fault to the contractor but the contractors don’t usually have a way of opening cad files to verify they match the plans. A lot of times, we receive cad files that are either ‘older’ or ‘newer’ than the plans they’ve provided. We then have to get the contractor to pursue the Civil Engineer to get DirtLogic the most current CAD and plans that match. This is very important but unfortunately happens all the time.

Second, request a ‘Full’ set of plans.

Occasionally we receive partial sets of plans that do not include all of the sheets. A full set of plans with all the sheets included is ideal and will make the process smooth, as well as, a full set of plans allows our GPS Modelers to reference details and other various information which is necessary to create an accurate model. Also, very important, if the site has any buildings, we need a complete set of ‘architectural plans’ and a complete set of ‘structural plans’ so we can reference details and building slab information, etc.

Third, request ‘complete’ CAD files and have the engineer verify they match the plans.

For the best possible service, we will need CAD files that contain all the information listed below. Unfortunately, CAD files we receive don’t always contain the data listed below and it delays the modeling process. Our hands get tied and can’t do anything until we receive the correct data. Any delays are out of our control at this point.

CAD Files / Data To Request From Civil Engineer:

Below is an example breakdown we suggest to our clients to copy & paste into an email to request the CAD files/data from the Civil Engineer. Everything listed below should provide us everything we need to not only provide a smooth service but make our time-frames.

  • Plans:
    Need a full set of the most current PDF plans. Also, very important, if the site has any buildings, we need a complete set of ‘architectural plans’ and a complete set of ‘structural plans’ so we can reference details and building slab information etc.
  • CAD Files: (compatible with the latest version of AutoCAD Civil 3D)
    The most current Existing Topography (XML format if available) with Existing Utilities and Existing Layout
    Design Surface (tin in .dwg or XML format), Design Contours and spot elevations
    Alignments and Profiles (XML format if available)
    Site Layout (Curb, Sidewalk, Buildings, Storm, Sewer, Water, Utilities, etc.)
    Any X-Ref’s that may need to be attached.
  • Control Points:
    Control Points in CSV or TXT format if possible

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