How to Integrate GPS Machine Controls

What type/size projects merit the use of GPS technology

Nearly 20 years ago, GPS machine control quickly became attainable for almost every excavation business in the U.S. Initially, it made sense to use it on 20+ acre projects, but thanks to significant improvements and decreasing modeling costs DirtLogic has participated in projects as small as a farmer’s pond to some as large as the San Diego light rail.

The fact remains: There is never a project too small that GPS integration doesn’t make sense (ex. public works,1-4 acre commercial sites, small subdivisions, parks, etc.). GPS machine control always reduces a project’s man-hours needed, increases the quality of execution and increases profit potential if it is used correctly.

Additionally, it’s been proven that construction companies who integrate technology into their work, make their businesses more attractive to the next generation of construction professionals. The possibilities are endless as we embrace the inevitable.

Next Steps

Many of you are now utilizing GPS technology and may have questions on how to account for the costs and savings in your bids. Here are a few suggestions to simplify the process:


When preparing your bid, call DirtLogic as early as possible for the earthwork take-off. At this time, also ask for an estimate on the subsequent DirtLogic GPS model.

Next, add the cost of the employee(s) it will take to implement the technology and a surveyor to double-check specifics like property lines, building corners, curb returns, alignments, etc.

For example: If machine control data costs $3,000 to $5,000 then add at least that same amount if not, double to cover implementation and surveyor verification.


If we still suggest utilizing a surveyor you may ask, “What’s the benefit to using machine control?” The fact is value holds because without using GPS machine control, traditionally construction survey costs are 60-70% MORE.

Additionally, there are other savings such as increased production due to no delay for construction staking, increased accuracy even with less-experienced operators and increased speed in execution. The latter is more difficult for us to assign a savings percentage, but you know your team and processes best.

If you have further questions on how to add GPS modeling to your bid or how to begin transitioning to GPS machine control, please feel free to contact me directly, my contact information is listed below.

When partnering with DirtLogic, you can have a stake-less site for an efficient, profitable project from start to completion. We look forward to earning your trust.

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