Gresham High School Earthwork Takeoff

ALOT of schools out for bid and they keep coming!

Amazing year for the number of schools that have been issued out for bid. We’ve now ran over 15+ earthwork take-offs on 15+ High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools since the beginning of the year and they are still coming. Quite a few of our clients have won their bids using our earthwork take-offs and are turning those earthwork take-offs into GPS models via our GPS department. It’s a great 1-2 punch we offer and keeps it all under one roof for the best results and customer service.

Even further, we do not flip takeoffs into GPS models but completely rebuild them to our Machine Control standards. We also ‘do not’ take engineers surfaces and reuse them. We build them from scratch. This ensures nothing will come back on the engineer who graciously allowed us to use his CAD data and helps to eliminate any errors. We are all on the same team and at the end of the day want everyone to be successful in playing their part.

The year of the track replacement.

It sure feels like every School in the country is getting a new track this week. The artificial turf tracks typically have slope subgrades and flat finish grades. We usually build a subgrade surface for these in addition to our typical finish grade models.