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Excavator Attachments for Demolition

If you think about the equipment and skill sets your company already has, it makes perfect sense. No matter if you own the smallest of skid-steers, or the largest of excavators, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not offering demolition services to your customers. So let’s take a look at some of the latest excavator attachments for demolition in this growing product category, and see how they can double and triple your productivity.

Since we mentioned skid-steers, and of course, they’re one of the most common assets in a contractors equipment arsenal, we’ll start with some perspective from Katie Althoff, an attachment specialist at Bobcat Co., Fargo, ND. Althoff notes that breakers are one of the most popular attachments and Bobcat’s products attach easily to their line of excavators and loaders. “Our breakers install in five minutes or less and they’re easily switched over to an excavator, so you have a lot of versatility. And they are great for breaking up an area where you need a little more precision, such as a small sidewalk, or a road repair where you just need to run a sewer system or something.”

Another excavator attachment for demolition that performs a similar function is the drop hammer, a large style of breaker that lifts a free falling tool. Drop hammers are useful for flat work such as a parking lots, driveways, and large concrete slabs. It’s not as precise as a breaker, but it’s efficient for large areas such as concrete pads, because it works very quickly and it fractures the concrete and subbase. Breakers and drop hammers are categorized by the foot-pound or joule of impact energy.

When you’re breaking up concrete, it can create plenty of debris and rebar. Those materials can damage a machine’s undercarriage, so Althoff recommends some preventative measures. “It’s very nice to have an excavator with a grapple to go in and clean up the hazardous materials. We have a three-tine grapple on our excavator, and with a clamp you can pin it up and continue to use your bucket, so if you need to dig and use the clamp again, this offers a little more versatility. For demolition projects, they’re great because they don’t pick up things like sand and aggregate-sized sub-base materials. For road construction, demolition crews often recycle a lot of the asphalt and we have a sweeper with a bucket on the inside of it so it’s a broom and a dustpan sweeping up and collecting it, and putting the asphalt shavings into a pile and so they can be recycled.”

Bobcat offers planer attachments that are typically used on asphalt, but they can be used on concrete, and for milling. If you’re taking off a layer of asphalt, a planer will scarify the asphalt, so the new asphalt sticks.

How about a heavy-duty ripper for your skid-steer? These brutes are designed for powerful ripping in applications with caliche, frost, or rock. For example, Paladin Attachments, Dexter, MI, makes rippers that are compatible with most pin-grabbing couplers. It’s available as a pin-on or quick hitch attachment. Paladin also makes the FFC Concrete Claw, designed for removing concrete sidewalks and driveways or on any construction site. It can also be used for shrub and stump removal.

The value of excavator attachments for demolition have also been recognized by Hyundai Construction Equipment, Norcross, GA. The manufacturer of earthmoving and material handling equipment recently introduced its first attachment product line to the North American market. Not surprisingly, the line includes 14 models of hydraulic breakers, offering chisel diameters from 1.6–7.9 inches. Operating weights range from 271–12,401 pounds and overall lengths range from 44.4–159.8 inches. The breakers have four chisel options—moil, wedge, blunt, or conical, and are designed for a wide range of demolition applications.

For efficiency, an anti-blank firing (ABF) system prevents the breaker from continuing to strike once material has been demolished, and comes standard on the HDB50–HDB800 models. This system helps protect the chisel pins, tie bolts, and front heads from blank firing and increases theservice life of all components. On the HDB600 and HDB800 models, an energy regeneration valve captures upward flow energy after the piston hits the chisel and retracts back up the cylinder. The technique harnesses up to 15% of the energy to be re-applied on the flow energy back down. This feature increases blow speed without the need for additional flow, resulting in higher production rates.

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John Deere E-Series Articulated Dump Trucks Feature a Load of New Updates

Bolstered with big updates, the new 370E, 410E, and 460E articulated dump truck (ADTs) are designed to keep materials moving and profits flowing. The three models are highlighted by an EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engine and a pressurized Deere-designed cab – both of which combine to boost productivity and uptime, while minimizing daily operating costs.

“The new E-Series articulated dump trucks are the result of our most important asset, our customers,” said Mark Shea, ADT product consultant, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “We worked with our customers to find out what they need in an articulated dump truck to make their jobs more safe, efficient, and productive. The E-Series is equipped with several features to accommodate these requests. Efficiency and productivity are boosted by standard best-in-class diff lock and powerful transmission retarder; while safety is paramount through ground-level daily service, auto horn, rollover protection and remote park-brake release.”

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Designed and built in Dubuque and Davenport, Iowa, the E-Series ADTs feature 422 hp (370E), 443 hp (410E) and 481 hp (460E), delivering impressive power and torque with exceptional power-to-weight ratios and fast cycles. A purpose-built ZF transmission includes eight forward gears and four reverse gears, and a high-capacity retarder to increase service brake life. In addition, the John Deere hauler axles are designed for heavy-duty applications and include on-the-fly differential locks and outboard planetaries, and each axle is independently pressure lubed and filtered. The E-Series axles use internal wet disc brakes that utilize independent cooling circuits.

Perhaps the biggest change to these new models is the updated cab. The ultra quiet, redesigned cab is sealed and pressurized to keep out dust and noise, affording enhanced operator concentration and efficiency. Creature comforts include push-button start, low-effort push-button controls, air-suspension heated high-back seat, tilt/telescoping steering wheel and optional premium radio with Bluetooth®, auxiliary input and satellite radio capability. Stairway lights can be turned on with the push of a button from ground level for easier visibility when entering the larger cab entryway.

The E-Series models are equipped with an updated 7-inch high-resolution LCD monitor for easy access to onboard diagnostics, digital gauges and vital system indicators — all conveniently located within arm’s reach and view during rough haul conditions. Two ergonomically positioned sealed switch modules simplify operation and convenience controls. The auto shutdown feature turns off the engine after an owner-determined period of inactivity to reduce emissions, idle time and subsequent wear on the power train.

An integrated tire-pressure/temperature monitoring system comes standard to help maximize tire life and fuel efficiency. If pressure drops by 10 percent, a passive alarm appears on the monitor. In addition, further pressure decreases or overheating result in an audible warning and an email alert that is sent via JDLink™.

An optional, onboard weighing system is factory calibrated, which allows contractors to view the weight and the number of loads carried via JDLink. The system displays the payload on the monitor during loading while transmitting real-time load and tonnage data via JDLink, so productivity can be monitored from virtually anywhere. The onboard weighing option also comes equipped with mirror-mounted LED load indicator lights that illuminate for the loading operator as the truck approaches capacity (green flashing), is at capacity (green) or is 10 percent or more over capacity/overload (red flashing).

A favored customer-driven feature of the E-Series and a hallmark for John Deere is centralized, true ground-level servicing to simplify daily maintenance and overall serviceability. All daily service can be completed from the ground. Hydraulically controlled fans with swing-out cooling packages on both sides of the engine highlight the cool-on-demand system. For dusty environments, there is a reversible fan option available for simplified cooler cleanout.

Operators looking to get the most out of their E-Series can rely on Ultimate Uptime featuring John Deere WorkSight™. With Ultimate Uptime, operators receive predelivery and follow-up inspections; three years of JDLink™ telematics, machine heath prognostics and remote diagnostics and programming capability; and the ability to add additional dealer-provided uptime solutions to customize the package to individual needs.